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Computer Build Estimates: Service


Compact Gaming Computer Estimate

Hutson Tech completed an estimate comparing a pre-built Alienware X51 compact gaming computer against locating individual components online. This computer setup is directed at individuals who are interested in gaming at 1080p, while being able to use the computer for day-to-day tasks.

Two versions of the custom build were completed. The first custom build is directed at individuals who need a productivity boost, which includes increased RAM, a fast SSD M.2 boot drive, and a GTX 1050ti at a cost similar to the Alienware X51 PC. The second custom build more closely matches the original Alienware X51 PC; however, at a savings of approximately 26%. Both custom builds have built in WIFI, an array of connectivity ports, and an improved GPU (GTX 1050ti for higher model and GTX 750ti for the lower model). Click on the link below to view the estimate breakdown. Click on the Alienware X51 picture above to view the original PC for which this comparison was made.

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